Reuse and Repurpose

Repurposing an Entire House into a Walled Garden!

So what do you do with an old house that has lost its roof? Turn it into a walled garden of course!

Ancient stone ruins in many countries have served to make gardens. This is a Canadian version, using the walls of old log cabin to serve as a walled garden. It might not last as long as stone walled gardens, but it is equally charming.

The homestead was repurposed into a garden by Doris and Dale Brocke who ran a nursery named Rhubarb to Roses just outside of Dawson Creek, BC.

Stepping stones made from rhubarb leaves create a patio, surrounded by brilliant sprays of delphiniums, Maltese cross and more.

Here’s a view from inside. While it might not keep out the rain, it does protect plants from the winds and offers a cozy place to take shelter on a summer afternoon.

Irises and roses add to the thriving garden inside the walls of a former homesteader’s cabin. The kitchen, bedrooms and living space have become a thriving cottage garden.

A hummingbird heartily approves of the grand repurposing of a former log home!

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