Reuse and Repurpose

Framed! Using Picture Frames in the Garden.

Many garden outlets sell frames like these specifically made to hold plants…but while they’re pretty, they’re also pretty darn expensive!

This picture frame was made using a cheaper route. It had a deep box built onto the back to hold plants. Once the plants are well rooted it can be carefully tilted into an upright position so you can put it on an old art easel, as shown above. Lay on its back when watering to avoid losing soil (or plants!).

Another great idea (and one that is easier to maintain) is to use the frame to make a side table for your outdoor furniture. A couple flat stones set amongst the plants can serve as coasters for you glass of lemonade or early morning coffee.

If you don’t have any carpentry skills, you can always simply position a frame so it leans against a pot of plants, giving the illusion that the plants are growing out of the frame.

Here a creative gardener has simply potted up plants in painted coffee cans, which she then nailed to the side of her deck. Hanging painted frames around the cans makes for a simple, but eye-catching display!

With more and more people going digital, frames aren’t the commodity they used to be. You can pick up beautiful inexpensive frames at thrift stores and garage sales or perhaps from a dusty corner of your own basement or garage!

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