Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.”


The American Robin

The American Robin is a harbinger of spring. As soon as we see those familiar red breasted birds bopping across our lawns, heads tilted to the side, yellow beaks hovering hopefully for a breakfast worm, we know winter is finally releasing its hold. They are more closely related to Eurasian blackbirds than European robins, but… Continue reading The American Robin

10 Fast Facts About Air Plants and Their Care (Tillandsia spp.)

Tillandsia is the most prolific and varied genus of the pineapple family or Bromeliacea. There are an estimated 500 different species of these incredible tropical air plants. Most (and all the ones being discussed here) are epiphytic. Epiphytic is fancy-speak for plants that hang about on other plants (mainly tree branches) gathering moisture and nutrients… Continue reading 10 Fast Facts About Air Plants and Their Care (Tillandsia spp.)

How to Grow Wildflowers

GROW WILD! INDIGENOUS PLANTS DEFINED ~ a plant that lives or grows naturally in a particular region without direct or indirect human intervention. When it comes to sowing wildflowers, the most common misconception is that you can wander out onto your lawn, shake one of those pretty cans of wildflower seeds into the wind, and nature… Continue reading How to Grow Wildflowers


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