Turn Your Lawn into 120 Loaves of Bread!

If you have 1200 square feet of ground-the footprint of an average lawn-then you have more than enough room to grow your own bread.


A crop of wheat planted in this size of space should yield 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of wheat. Enough flour to create 120 loaves of bread or more than two loaves of bread a week!

Bread and ears on an old table

Growing and harvesting your own crop of wheat entails a bit of work, but so does mowing and caring for a lawn. Who wouldn’t want to trade in the smell of lawnmower fumes for homemade, homegrown bread? It just doesn’t get any better than that.

manual weed conrol
Trade in your dandelion digger for a bag of wheat seed

I am reminded of a story someone told me about a young niece who went to her Uncle’s homestead to cook for his threshing crew. She decided to make a nice batch of bread but for some reason it refused to rise. Not wanting her Uncle to know she had wasted his flour, she ran outside and stuffed the dough down several gopher holes.

The sun beat down, the dough warmed up and by the time the men came in from the field, the bread dough was rising up out of the gopher holes like super-sized mushrooms. The men were amazed. While they stood there gaping at the gopher holes, trying to figure out what coming out of them, the Uncle’s dog showed up on the scene. While the men shouted the dog ran from hole to hole, gobbling all the dough down, much to the consternation of the men and the huge relief of the niece.

cartoon happy shaggy playful dog

For months the men talked about the odd phenomena they had witnessed on that summer afternoon. What was that stuff rising up out of those gopher holes? What exactly had the dog ate?

It was many years later before the niece finally admitted what had really happened that day.

While it’s not as easy as ready-made dough rising out of holes in the ground, growing, harvesting and milling your own wheat is still a pretty amazing thing to witness.

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature

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