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Do You Really Need to Thin Carrots?

Yes, yes you do! Many well-meaning folks will tell you thinning carrots isn’t necessary, but it all depends on what your end goals are. If you don’t mind lots of tiny carrots (which can be very tasty) with only the occasional “keeper” for storage, then yes, thinning isn’t necessary. However, if your goal is an… Continue reading Do You Really Need to Thin Carrots?

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Herb Strewer an Ancient Occupation

If you’ve never heard of Herb Strewers as an occupation, it is likely because the job has been obsolete for almost two hundred years. And that’s a shame. Well, sort of. While the image of making a living strewing herbs is alluring, especially for us garden types, the necessity of the occupation was a little… Continue reading Herb Strewer an Ancient Occupation