Record Breakers

Repurposing Old Garden Tools

Never Blue Forge calls this incredible creation "Whip Head Whimsy Bird" Soon all the Christmas decorations will be coming down and our thoughts will turn to winter and ultimately, spring! Here's a great spring wreath idea to work on while the winter winds howl. What a great idea for a leaky hose or worn out… Continue reading Repurposing Old Garden Tools

Reuse and Repurpose

Repurposing Broken Pots and More!

Breaking a container is never a happy event, but when you are a "Garden Repurposer Extraordinaire" nothing is ever lost! Broken pots are just new creative opportunities! Here a broken pot is reinvented as a succulent planter with great appeal. You do have to be careful of the sharp edges. Filing them a bit to… Continue reading Repurposing Broken Pots and More!

Reuse and Repurpose

All Fired Up! Repurposing Stoves and Fire Pits in the Garden.

Here an old stove flames to new life in the garden as a receptacle for a fire-engine red geranium. A perfect pairing and a great way to put vintage items on display. Another freestanding stove brightens up a pocket of a garden. Red petunias tumble from a container set on top, while more plants glow… Continue reading All Fired Up! Repurposing Stoves and Fire Pits in the Garden.

Reuse and Repurpose

Pots in Pants; Repurposed Garden Containers!

If you have some pants that no longer fit or are perhaps too worn to donate, you can give them new life in your garden! Fluff up the pant legs with wadded up newspaper and work them into a pair of old boots. Again, worn out is perfect for repurposed garden containers. The boots in… Continue reading Pots in Pants; Repurposed Garden Containers!