Turning a Bathtub into a Raised Garden Bed!

Bathtubs make great raised beds. They are deep and already come with a drain hole! All you really need to do is fill them with soil and add plants... The two galvanized tubs shown above look spectacular just as they are. It would be a shame to paint them or otherwise mask their antique charm.… Continue reading Turning a Bathtub into a Raised Garden Bed!

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Five Fast Daffodil Facts and Folklore

Daffodils have become synonymous with April and Cancer awareness month, but they are actually the official birth flower of March.  Given optimum growing conditions, a field of daffodils can rebloom for 50 years before needing rejuvenation.  Daffodils are the official national flower of Wales. Spotting the first daffodil of the season while in Wales is… Continue reading Five Fast Daffodil Facts and Folklore


Going Nuts Over the Bunya Tree

The bunya pine has been growing wild in Australia for a very, very, long time. Some say dinosaurs likely snacked from them. And you can too! Well, provided you have access to a bunya tree. And a nut pod. These incredible pine trees grow in the aptly named Bunya Mountains of Australia and have a… Continue reading Going Nuts Over the Bunya Tree

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You Can Make Your Own Rose Water…It’s SO Easy!

You can make your own rose water by simply covering pesticide-free rose petals with pure water and using a pestle or blunt edged wooden spoon to mash them up. Let the concoction sit for a few hours on your counter or on a sunny windowsill and then strain and bottle. The more water you use the… Continue reading You Can Make Your Own Rose Water…It’s SO Easy!

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Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers

  Synthetic versus Organic   The difference is a lot like fast food versus health food. Synthetic fertilizers go down easy and plants quickly gain plump leaves and fat blossoms - but too much can kill them. Not to mention the effect it has on the environment. When all those chemicals wash out of your… Continue reading Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers

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Slowest Growing Plant Ends Up The Tallest!

The Saguaro cactus grows just 2.5 centimeters (one inch) in its first decade. When many humans are getting their driver's license this cactus is finally producing its first of up to 26 branches - at age 16! A late bloomer, this cactus produces its first flower when it is 60 years old. But once the Saguaro gets growing it… Continue reading Slowest Growing Plant Ends Up The Tallest!

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Fastest Growing Plant…Ever!

The title for fastest growing plant belongs to bamboo. In fact it grows so fast it has been measured not only by length, but by speed! The record breaking bamboo grew at a speed of 0.00003 km per hour (0.00002 miles per hour) which translates to 91 cm (35 inches) per day! The Royal Horticulture Society's dictionary of… Continue reading Fastest Growing Plant…Ever!