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Tree Free Paper

While so much has gone digital, there is still nothing like holding a "real" book in your hands. Nothing compares to that new book smell. But what exactly are you sniffing? From where does that paper come? If it's tree-based there is an 85% chance those printed pages used to stand tall in the form… Continue reading Tree Free Paper

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Mistletoe…the Kiss of Death?

Myth has it that mistletoe - a toxic parasite - underwent a PR promotion of epic proportions to turn it into the symbol of love and stolen kisses it has become today. Most of us have heard of Thor from Norse mythology; that hammer wielding god of thunder, storms, trees and other things. Fewer have… Continue reading Mistletoe…the Kiss of Death?

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Grow Your Own Greens

Growing, processing and shipping one pound of lettuce consumes approximately 5,000 calories of Fossil Fuel Energy, while returning a mere 80 calories to the consumer. Great for the waist line, but not so good for the waste line.  Growing your own greens is the most cost effective, energy efficient thing imaginable. Even a couple small pots… Continue reading Grow Your Own Greens

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Before 1882 Almost All Paper Was Made of Hemp

Long before pulp and paper mills, 75–90% of all paper in the world was made with hemp fibre. If you are lucky enough to own papers or books that predate 1883, the paper is most likely made of hemp. Mark Twain’s novels, the US Constitution, The US Declaration of Independence and the UK’s Magna Carta… Continue reading Before 1882 Almost All Paper Was Made of Hemp

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Five Gusty Gifts Hurricanes Give

When you find out a hurricane is roaring your direction your first thought is unlikely to be, “Bring on the gifts!” However, there is usually a brilliant life giving reason behind every natural climatic event, and hurricanes hand out several unique botanical gifts. Unfortunately, these “gifts” are often served up with a huge side order… Continue reading Five Gusty Gifts Hurricanes Give