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How Much Land Does a Gardener Need?

More! Is the answer most gardeners would likely give. But how much land do you really need? If your goal is simply to connect with plants the answer might be zero. A few potted houseplants could give you all the gardening time you need or an intensive indoor hydroponics system might provide a significant amount… Continue reading How Much Land Does a Gardener Need?

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How Long Do Seeds Keep?

I am always reading about Doomsday Preppers and their lists of survival gear should the economy collapse or computers take over the world or what have you. Top of the list is fresh water or the means to filter it, which I completely agree with. Water is your number one concern apart from getting shot… Continue reading How Long Do Seeds Keep?

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15 Uses for Wood Ash

Wood ash is useful both in the garden and out! 15 Uses for Wood Ash Before starting each fire in your wood stove run a piece of paper towel under water, wring it out and then dab it in the ashes and scrub off the glass on the removes all the black soot like… Continue reading 15 Uses for Wood Ash