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Repurposing Old Garden Tools

Never Blue Forge calls this incredible creation "Whip Head Whimsy Bird" Soon all the Christmas decorations will be coming down and our thoughts will turn to winter and ultimately, spring! Here's a great spring wreath idea to work on while the winter winds howl. What a great idea for a leaky hose or worn out… Continue reading Repurposing Old Garden Tools

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Before 1882 Almost All Paper Was Made of Hemp

Long before pulp and paper mills, 75–90% of all paper in the world was made with hemp fibre. If you are lucky enough to own papers or books that predate 1883, the paper is most likely made of hemp. Mark Twain’s novels, the US Constitution, The US Declaration of Independence and the UK’s Magna Carta… Continue reading Before 1882 Almost All Paper Was Made of Hemp

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Two Dozen Incredible Uses for Bamboo

Food, shelter, clothing, oxygen...the bamboo provides all the ingredients we need to meet both the basics and the luxuries of life. Here are 100 uses for the fastest growing plant on earth. Some you may have heard of, while others might surprise you. Bamboo Beer. Cited as "the beer with benefits" Bamboo Beer Limited is a… Continue reading Two Dozen Incredible Uses for Bamboo

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What was the First Vegetable to Sprout in Space?

The very first vegetable to ever sprout in space was the spud. That's right, the lowly potato earned high flying status when Space Shuttle Columbia tested the production of seed potatoes aboard the shuttle in October 1995. If you are interested in learning more about growing potatoes on space missions visit NASA's post Space Spuds to… Continue reading What was the First Vegetable to Sprout in Space?

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Biggest Tree in the World

Title for the biggest tree in the world goes to the cashew tree Anacardium occidentale. Yup, the very same tree that gives us those scrumptious, expensive, calorie rich cashews. The cashew tree has a unique growing habit somewhat similar to the Egyptian Walking Onion. As the branches grow they often become so weighty they bow down… Continue reading Biggest Tree in the World

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Cashew Apples and Why You Probably Have Never Ate One

Cashews are remarkable for many reasons, one being that cashew trees produce an apple-type fruit from which the cashew extends. As you can see here, the cashew grows out of the bottom of the fruit, while the other end attaches itself to the tree. These apples are not only sweet, juicy and delicious, they contain five times… Continue reading Cashew Apples and Why You Probably Have Never Ate One

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Biggest Pumpkins Ever!

The biggest pumpkin for 2015 weighed in at 2230.5 pounds (1011.7 kilograms). It was grown by Ron Wallace of Rhode Island. To date it is the heaviest pumpkin ever produced in North America. Despite its impressive size it fell short by almost 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of the world record set in 2014 by Beni Meier of… Continue reading Biggest Pumpkins Ever!

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Toughest Plant in the World?

The Welwitschia Mirabilis also known as Onyanga meaning Onion of the Desert is often cited as the toughest plant in the world. And you thought it was the dandelion! Pfffft. The complete opposite of the World's Largest Flower which is all blossom and no stem or leaves, the Welwitschia Mirabilis is all stem and leaves with… Continue reading Toughest Plant in the World?

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The Most Poisonous Plant in the World

Title for the most poisonous plant in the world goes to the common Castor Plant. Yup, the same plant responsible for producing castor oil. All parts of the plant are poisonous but it is the seeds containing ricin that have earned its number one position on the list of deadly plants. A single seed can… Continue reading The Most Poisonous Plant in the World