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Don’t Just Stand There…Plant a Garden!

When in doubt, grow a garden. Growing a garden is a great way to find your way back to hope, health and happiness. Don’t just stand there, grow a garden!

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Five Gusty Gifts Hurricanes Give

When you find out a hurricane is roaring your direction your first thought is unlikely to be, “Bring on the gifts!” However, there is usually a brilliant life giving reason behind every natural climatic event, and hurricanes hand out several unique botanical gifts. Unfortunately, these “gifts” are often served up with a huge side order… Continue reading Five Gusty Gifts Hurricanes Give

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The Sweetest Plant on Earth

It’s not the sugar beet, it’s not the maple tree, it’s Stevia. The sweetest herb on earth. The leaves of Stevia rebaudiana are up to 300 times sweeter than refined sugar but do not elevate blood sugars, making it a great sugar replacement. Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener for thousands of years… Continue reading The Sweetest Plant on Earth

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Citronella vs Lemon Grass

Citronella grass and lemon grass differ by a single genetic marker, leaving them with a lot of similarities when it comes to appearance and smell, but the differences are profound. Lemon grass is completely edible and makes a safe, healthy and delicious herbal tea, while citronella grass is used for cleaning products, mosquito repellants, deodorants,… Continue reading Citronella vs Lemon Grass

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Are Stinging Nettles The New Superfood?

Stinging nettles are often hated, always feared and rarely invited to dinner. And that’s a shame because this herb packs an astonishing wallop of great health and eating in every bite. In other words, bite back! Just don’t eat the mature leaves raw, since that would be the equivalent to squatting down in a patch of poison ivy. Same… Continue reading Are Stinging Nettles The New Superfood?

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Don’t Leave these Leaves Alone! 12 Sources for Edible Nutrition Packed Leaves That Might Surprise You.

Many vegetables and fruits produce leaves that are not only edible, but very, very, good for you. Others, such as tomatoes, potatoes and rhubarb produce leaves that are toxic and should never be ingested. A good rule of thumb is if in doubt, leave it out. Here are a dozen vegetables with leaves you should definitely… Continue reading Don’t Leave these Leaves Alone! 12 Sources for Edible Nutrition Packed Leaves That Might Surprise You.


Ten Ways Gardening Cultivates Mental Health

Studies now suggest what gardeners have always known; gardening is good for you! Not just eating the vegetables, but the digging of the soil, planting the seeds, pulling weeds and collecting the harvest. It's good for the waistline, it's good for your heart and it's exceptionally good for your mental well-being. Most of us know a… Continue reading Ten Ways Gardening Cultivates Mental Health

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17 Foods that Resemble the Body Part that Needs Them!

  1.     Avocados are the same shape as a womb and cervix. They even share the same gestation period as a human taking exactly nine months to go from blossom to full fruit. Eating just one avocado per week helps balance birth hormones, shed weight from pregnancy and prevent cervical cancer. Coincidence? Maybe not. Many people believe that… Continue reading 17 Foods that Resemble the Body Part that Needs Them!

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Two Dozen Incredible Uses for Bamboo

Food, shelter, clothing, oxygen...the bamboo provides all the ingredients we need to meet both the basics and the luxuries of life. Here are 100 uses for the fastest growing plant on earth. Some you may have heard of, while others might surprise you. Bamboo Beer. Cited as "the beer with benefits" Bamboo Beer Limited is a… Continue reading Two Dozen Incredible Uses for Bamboo