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No Eggs? No Problem!

Out of chicken eggs? Looking for plant based replacements? Chia and flax eggs to the rescue! The ratio of seeds to water is the same, no matter which base ingredient you choose. Chia Eggs1 Tbsp (15 ml) Chia Seeds + 2.5 Tbsp (37 ml) Water = 1 EggWhisk and let rest for five minutes Flax… Continue reading No Eggs? No Problem!

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Fifteen Facts about Fireweed

Fireweed Chamerion angustifolium is so named because it is the first plant to spread like a welcome weed following a fire.A single fireweed plant produces an incredible 80,000 seeds! Each seed is equipped with tiny umbrella-like tufts that allows them to soar through the air peppering the entire landscape with pink possibilities. The main reason… Continue reading Fifteen Facts about Fireweed

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Yarrow in the Herb Garden

Achilleas millefolium's flat white blossoms with their multitude of tiny, perfect flowers and silver-green feathery foliage are a familiar sight in the ditches and fields of Canada. Sadly, as familiarity breeds contempt, the lowly white yarrow is too often denied its rightful place in the herb garden. Yarrow gets its Latin name from Achilles, the… Continue reading Yarrow in the Herb Garden

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A Dozen Uses for Leftover Tea!

Stop! Don't pour that cold tea down the drain! Here are a dozen uses for leftover tea... Water your plants with herbal teas. While each type of herbal tea has different beneficial properties, all herbal tea is good for houseplants. Chamomile tea has the added benefit of preventing damp off in young seedlings.Use as a hair rinse. Chamomile tea works great… Continue reading A Dozen Uses for Leftover Tea!

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Grow Your Own Greens

Growing, processing and shipping one pound of lettuce consumes approximately 5,000 calories of Fossil Fuel Energy, while returning a mere 80 calories to the consumer. Great for the waist line, but not so good for the waste line.  Growing your own greens is the most cost effective, energy efficient thing imaginable. Even a couple small pots… Continue reading Grow Your Own Greens

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What Dandelions Are Good For

Dandelions are much more than a common weed; they are a valuable medicine. Who knew the best way to rid your property of dandelions was to use them! Well, as it turns out, plenty of people. Read this list once and you will look at dandelions differently forever. Ailments dandelions have been used to remedy: Acne… Continue reading What Dandelions Are Good For