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Yarrow in the Herb Garden

Achilleas millefolium's flat white blossoms with their multitude of tiny, perfect flowers and silver-green feathery foliage are a familiar sight in the ditches and fields of Canada. Sadly, as familiarity breeds contempt, the lowly white yarrow is too often denied its rightful place in the herb garden. Yarrow gets its Latin name from Achilles, the… Continue reading Yarrow in the Herb Garden

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Grow Your Own Greens

Growing, processing and shipping one pound of lettuce consumes approximately 5,000 calories of Fossil Fuel Energy, while returning a mere 80 calories to the consumer. Great for the waist line, but not so good for the waste line.  Growing your own greens is the most cost effective, energy efficient thing imaginable. Even a couple small pots… Continue reading Grow Your Own Greens

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Do You Really Need to Thin Carrots?

Yes, yes you do! Many well-meaning folks will tell you thinning carrots isn’t necessary, but it all depends on what your end goals are. If you don’t mind lots of tiny carrots (which can be very tasty) with only the occasional “keeper” for storage, then yes, thinning isn’t necessary. However, if your goal is an… Continue reading Do You Really Need to Thin Carrots?

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How Much Land Does a Gardener Need?

More! Is the answer most gardeners would likely give. But how much land do you really need? If your goal is simply to connect with plants the answer might be zero. A few potted houseplants could give you all the gardening time you need or an intensive indoor hydroponics system might provide a significant amount… Continue reading How Much Land Does a Gardener Need?

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10 Corn Facts to a-Maize You!

An Americas original, corn was first cultivated between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago in the southern Mexico region.It is thought the indigenous people created corn by patiently hybridizing teosinte, a large grass native to Mexico's Central Balsas River Valley.Columbus first saw corn growing in Cuba and relayed stories of the food source upon his return.… Continue reading 10 Corn Facts to a-Maize You!

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The Most Popular Fruit in the World

What is the most popular fruit in the world? The tomato. While many people think of tomatoes as vegetables, they are botanically classified as a fruit. Whether you say fruit or vegetable, tomato or tom-ah-toe, we can all agree that humans the world over love their tomatoes raw or in sauces, salsas or simply as… Continue reading The Most Popular Fruit in the World

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Vegetable Plotting…How Much Should You Plant?

10 Common Vegetables and How Much to Plant!

So much depends on climate, soil and weather but the following list will at least give you some ground rules to figure out how much to plant. Things like carrots, beets or cabbage are easier to know how big they are so if you account for a few inches extra for wiggle room and leaves etc. you have a pretty good idea of how much you will get for your space. Others are more difficult to plan. Those are the ones included here.