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Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers

  Synthetic versus Organic   The difference is a lot like fast food versus health food. Synthetic fertilizers go down easy and plants quickly gain plump leaves and fat blossoms - but too much can kill them. Not to mention the effect it has on the environment. When all those chemicals wash out of your… Continue reading Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers


Understanding the Numbers on Bags of Fertilizer

Bags or bottles of plant food always have three numbers What do they stand for? NITROGEN, PHOSPHOROUS AND POTASSIUM What do they do for the plants? UP, DOWN AND ALL AROUND The numbers tell you what percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium it contains – in that order. In the bag shown in the picture… Continue reading Understanding the Numbers on Bags of Fertilizer

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10 Tips for the Frugal Gardener

How do gardeners end up millionaires? They start off as billionaires. My mother, an avid gardener, was once visited by a friend who had just returned from Las Vegas. He chatted about his luck-or lack thereof-with the one arm bandit. My mother rolled her eyes and smugly replied that she wasn't a gambler. The man… Continue reading 10 Tips for the Frugal Gardener

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10 Bat Facts

Bat Facts Bats are not blind. In fact they have excellent eyesight. Since they do most of their flying by night they are also equipped with the amazing ability to emit sound waves that bounce off objects and ricochet back, transmitting precise information about everything around them from bugs to brick walls to gardeners! Furthermore, bats do… Continue reading 10 Bat Facts


Snow Nitrogen

  Snow is one of the richest sources of natural nitrogen. Rain contains nitrogen as well, but usually runs off before any measureable amount has a chance to soak in. When I was a kid growing up on a farm we would (rarely) get a three day gentle steady rain. This was dubbed by all the… Continue reading Snow Nitrogen