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A Truly Green Lawn

Are you one of those people who love the look of a manicured lawn but can’t help feeling a twinge of guilt every time you look over your expanse of green? Do you worry about the cost to the environment in keeping your emerald square looking lush and weed free? Or maybe you’re tired of having to… Continue reading A Truly Green Lawn

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Roses Love Alfalfa

Alfalfa is to Roses what Kale is to Humans. Ridiculously good for whatever ails you. Alfalfa is a common forage crop rich in nitrogen and other trace nutrients. You can purchase alfalfa in pelleted or meal form from any livestock feed store in 50 lb (22.6 kg) bags for a very reasonable price. You can… Continue reading Roses Love Alfalfa


Make Free Fertilizer Out Of Weeds

If you are rich and have no weeds, you can buy pricey jugs of organic kelp, seaweed, fish fertilizer etc. to dilute with water for a happy, healthy garden. The rest of us can turn to weeds, rambunctious herbs or even excess leaves from vegetable harvests. Simply toss this greenery into a bucket, cover with… Continue reading Make Free Fertilizer Out Of Weeds

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Do Petunias Need Fertilizer? The Answer May Surprise You!

Adding a few scoops of slow release fertilizer to our petunia pots and baskets is a necessary rite of spring planting...right? Wrong! I always thought having a mass of blooms meant adding copious amounts of fertilizer. Many nurseries-and purveyors of fertilizer-will suggest you add both a slow release granule fertilizer as well as a liquid… Continue reading Do Petunias Need Fertilizer? The Answer May Surprise You!

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15 Uses for Wood Ash

Wood ash is useful both in the garden and out! 15 Uses for Wood Ash Before starting each fire in your wood stove run a piece of paper towel under water, wring it out and then dab it in the ashes and scrub off the glass on the stove...it removes all the black soot like… Continue reading 15 Uses for Wood Ash

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Are Stinging Nettles The New Superfood?

Stinging nettles are often hated, always feared and rarely invited to dinner. And that’s a shame because this herb packs an astonishing wallop of great health and eating in every bite. In other words, bite back! Just don’t eat the mature leaves raw, since that would be the equivalent to squatting down in a patch of poison ivy. Same… Continue reading Are Stinging Nettles The New Superfood?

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Six Uses for Eggs in the Garden

If Easter has left you walking on eggshells and you don't know what to do with all those leftover cartons of cackle berries and shells here are half a dozen uses for eggs in the garden! Use shells for starting seedlings in. They will appreciate the boost of calcium they receive from the shell. This… Continue reading Six Uses for Eggs in the Garden

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Hungry, Hungry, Red Wiggler Worms

So just how hungry ARE red wigglers? Hungry enough to consume half their weight in kitchen waste (vegetable scraps, fruit, coffee grounds, oatmeal, egg shells etc.) every single day! After consuming the waste the worms produce wonderful, rich, castings that make an awesome organic fertilizer. What are castings? Polite speak for worm poop. Many urban… Continue reading Hungry, Hungry, Red Wiggler Worms

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Five Plant Watering Tricks You Need to Know

Watering plants seems like a pretty simple procedure. Turn on the hose, aim and fire. While it isn't rocket science and whichever way you water is better than not watering at all, there are tricks that the pro in the know will apply to H2O. Here are five of them... Water in the morning before it gets hot.… Continue reading Five Plant Watering Tricks You Need to Know