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A Bug Munching Plant

Pitcher Plants includes several varieties of carnivorous plants that are cleverly designed to trap insects. The rim of the pitcher shaped leaf becomes slippery with dew or nectar, causing insects to slide into its tubular cavity. The waxy inside of the leaf make it impossible for the insects to climb back out and they end up drowning in… Continue reading A Bug Munching Plant

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Secret Life of the Lima Bean

  Ah, the secret life of plants and the bugs that surround them. We live in an incredible world with so many things going on around us that we know so little about. Consider the lima bean. Just one of many plants with the ability to conduct its own brand of chemical warfare. When under… Continue reading Secret Life of the Lima Bean

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Herbicides and Pesticides…What’s the Difference?

Pesticides and Herbicides are often referred to interchangeably but they are very different products with different purposes. One is for killing weeds and the other is for killing insects. Here is an easy way to remember which is which. Pesticides are for doing away with insects that cause potential harm to crops. In other words… Continue reading Herbicides and Pesticides…What’s the Difference?

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Hungry, Hungry, Red Wiggler Worms

So just how hungry ARE red wigglers? Hungry enough to consume half their weight in kitchen waste (vegetable scraps, fruit, coffee grounds, oatmeal, egg shells etc.) every single day! After consuming the waste the worms produce wonderful, rich, castings that make an awesome organic fertilizer. What are castings? Polite speak for worm poop. Many urban… Continue reading Hungry, Hungry, Red Wiggler Worms

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Top 10 Herbs for Attracting Bees

If you are interested in planting a bee-utiful bee-friendly herb patch or simply want to intersperse a garden with bee friendly herbs to attract pollinators, the following ten herbs are sure to set your garden abuzz. Beebalm (Monarda) Borage Chives Comfrey  (invasive perennial with deep roots so plant with caution) Dill Fennel Hyssop Lavender Lemon Balm… Continue reading Top 10 Herbs for Attracting Bees

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A Penny for Your Lily

When I was at Canada Blooms (a horticulture trade show in Toronto, Ontario Canada) a few years ago a propieter of lilies gave me this bit of trivia... Drop a penny in your planting hole when you plant your lily bulbs and deer will no longer eat your lilies! Apparently the copper in the penny… Continue reading A Penny for Your Lily

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Monarchs, Migration and Milkweed

The monarch butterfly heads northeast from Mexico on its annual migration in late February arriving in Canada in late June or early July. These spring migrating butterflies only live two to six weeks so the migration means stopping along the way to lay eggs on milkweed plants to keep the generations going. The monarchs who… Continue reading Monarchs, Migration and Milkweed