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Are Poinsettias Poisonous? 10 Fascinating Facts about this prolific holiday plant.

Poinsettias account for a quarter of all houseplants sold in North America each year generating sales of over $144 million dollars annually. What most people think are flowers are actually leaves. The flower of a poinsettia is that small yellow cluster in the centre. The dazzling displays of red that typically lure us in are… Continue reading Are Poinsettias Poisonous? 10 Fascinating Facts about this prolific holiday plant.

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Fifteen Facts about Fireweed

Fireweed Chamerion angustifolium is so named because it is the first plant to spread like a welcome weed following a fire.A single fireweed plant produces an incredible 80,000 seeds! Each seed is equipped with tiny umbrella-like tufts that allows them to soar through the air peppering the entire landscape with pink possibilities. The main reason… Continue reading Fifteen Facts about Fireweed

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Ten Fun Facts about Pumpkins!

All pumpkins are not created orange. There are stunning varieties grown globally that ripen to hues of yellow, white, pink, red, tan and even blue! Out of the 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins grown in the United States each year, 80 percent of the crop ripens and hits the market in October. If pumpkins make… Continue reading Ten Fun Facts about Pumpkins!

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Five Garden Myths Debunked

Myth #1 - Clematis need their roots shaded. Not so. Clematis are no more fussy about the temperature of their roots than any other perennial. So why has this myth persisted? Clematis are routinely planted deeper than many other plants to avoid clematis wilt; a fungus that enters through cuts, insect damage or even from… Continue reading Five Garden Myths Debunked

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Five Fast Facts about Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are produced on Salvia Hispanic plants, a member of the mint family native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. Low in calories but high in nutrients, these power packed seeds have 2.5 times more protein than beans, 6 times more calcium than milk, 8 times more omega-3 than salmon, 3 times more… Continue reading Five Fast Facts about Chia Seeds

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Five Fast Facts about Bumblebees

There are over 255 different species of bumblebees in the world. The largest is the Bombus dahlbomii which can grow up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) long. The smallest is the Perdita minima who measures in at less than 2 mm.Unlike honeybees, bumblebees do not die after stinging. Bumblebees flap their wings 130 times per… Continue reading Five Fast Facts about Bumblebees

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Butterfly Trivia

The world is home to over 17,500 species of butterflies. The rarest is the Palos Verdes Blue once thought to be extinct, only to be spotted alive and well, though few in number, in 1994 in San Pedro, California.  Peru is home to at least 3,700 species of butterflies; more than any other country. In… Continue reading Butterfly Trivia