Largest Crop in the World? A Quiz…

What is the largest crop produced in the world today?
Maize or Corn
So close! Corn is found in everything from Windex to fireworks to makeup and even in food! 1.1 Billion Metric tons are produced worldwide, however it comes in second place. Which is first? Try again!
Rice is a staple of almost everyone’s pantry. 782 million metric tons are produced every year putting it firmly in third place for the most productive crop grown in the world. Which is first? Guess again!
Sugar cane
Correct answer! 1.9 billion metric tons are produced annually making sugar cane by far the largest crop grown in the world today. Second is corn at 1.1 billion metric tons, followed by rice at 782 million metric tons, wheat at 734 million metric tons and rounding out the top five crops are potatoes in fifth place at 368 million metric tons.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

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