House Plants

Why are my houseplants turning brown at the leaf tips?

Brown Leaf Tips ? Here are Three Reasons Why: 

  1. FLUORIDE If your tap water has fluoride added to it, this could cause leaves to turn brown at the tips. While fluoride is a natural element found in nature, too much built up over time can cause the tips of leaves to turn brown and brittle. The good news is it is very unlikely to seriously hurt your plant, but the leaves will look unsightly. Flush soil with filtered water once a month to get rid of any fluoride build up. You could also collect rainwater for this purpose. 
  2. FERTILIZER Too much fertilizer can cause leaf tips to brown. When it comes to fertilizing your plants, usually less is more! Carefully read fertilizer instructions and check plant tags when purchasing plants to see how often (if at all) your plant requires extra nutrients.
  3. DROUGHT Allowing soil to dry out way too much between watering can also cause leaf tips to turn brown and brittle. While you want the soil to dry out between waterings, you never want it to get to the dusty, bone, extreme kind of dry.

There you have it! Three simple reasons for those unsightly brown leaf tips.


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