Reuse and Repurpose

Using Your Marbles. Repurposing Projects for the Garden.

Raising planters off the deck allows for drainage and air to circulate, minimizing damage to the deck or risking overly saturated plants.

Garden centres offer all kinds of products to help get your containers off the ground. You can buy clay pot feet or round dollies on wheels to set your containers on. These are great choices, but they are also expensive.

Use your marbles and you can make pot feet for pennies. If they still used pennies. Maybe you could even make them with stacks of old pennies! But I digress.

Use some outdoor construction adhesive to attach your marble to the bottom of your pot.
Gently place the marble into your blob of adhesive and allow it to set for at least 24 hours. Wearing gloves helps keep the adhesive off your fingers. You will need to space marbles equally apart all the way around the bottom, as shown in the first picture.
Use the same size of marbles so your pots aren’t tippy!

Another great use for marbles is to fill large plant saucers with them. The marbles roll, allowing you to easily turn the pot so it gets even sun.

For a great article from the site Garden Drama, on how to use marbles to decorate an old fence click on their image of the project below. What a great way to fill those knotholes!

Marbles can even be used to make colour coordinated “mulch” for container plants! This also helps deter cats and other critters that might want to use your plant pots as a litter box 🙂

Have you used your marbles to make a unique garden project? Please feel free to share your ideas or links to your site in the comments below.


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