Reuse and Repurpose

Three Projects for Repurposing Pallets in the Garden…

Pallet Project #1

One of the best uses for old pallets is to make a compost bin. Simply stand the pallets in a square and screw, nail or tie three sides together and then hinge the front pallet with wire, string or actual hinges so you can swing it open (or remove) when needed and you’re done! You have a proper sized compost heap that is easy to add to and work in.

Always make sure the pallets you pick are not made of anything toxic.

Pallet Project # 2

I saw a wonderful “wall of plants” made from a pallet on Pinterest or some such place. This was my version of it.

I have to say, it was a lot of work and the result (for me) was less than wow. Sometimes I am suspicious of those insane looking plant posts. Mine never really thrived and was a pain in the keister to keep watered and happy. Once the roots dug in things improved, but it mostly made a huge mess every time I watered it and it needed to be watered often. It was just awkward.

I did a similar project using a picture frame, but the box we attached to the back of it was a bit deeper and the whole thing was smaller, so it seemed to work better. You can see that project here.

If you made a pallet plant wall and it turned out, please send pictures and tips! I would love to hear them and figure out where I went wrong.

Pallet Project #3

I had some other pallets on hand, so I used them to make an “instant” raised garden bed of sorts, just to see how that would work. It was a much easier project than the pallet wall attempt.

I simply put down some cardboard and flipped a pallet upside down on top.

Next I nailed some boards I had pried off another pallet and nailed them around the outside so the soil wouldn’t fall out.

And that was it! A small raised bed all ready to plant. It was the perfect depth for growing salad greens and that’s what ended up going in it. If you wanted to plant root crops you would need it to be deeper or at least remove the boards from the bottom.

Again, make sure the pallet you are using doesn’t have anything toxic on it. You just want natural wood free of any suspicious stains!


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