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Five Fast Daffodil Facts and Folklore

Daffodils have become synonymous with April and Cancer awareness month, but they are actually the official birth flower of March. 

Given optimum growing conditions, a field of daffodils can rebloom for 50 years before needing rejuvenation. 

Daffodils are the official national flower of Wales. Spotting the first daffodil of the season while in Wales is said to guarantee a year of wealth.

Giving someone a bouquet of daffodils ensures happiness for the recipient, but if your superstitious, make sure it’s a full bouquet. Unlike a single rose, an offering of a single daffodil is considered bad luck. 

Daffodils are known in botanical circles as Narcissus. It gets its name from aGreek Myth about a young man who fell madly in love with his own appearance. He was so smitten by his beauty he could do little else but gaze adoringly at his reflection. As punishment for his vanity, he was turned into this flower.

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