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A Dozen Uses for Leftover Tea!

Stop! Don’t pour that cold tea down the drain! Here are a dozen uses for leftover tea…

  1. Water your plants with herbal teas. While each type of herbal tea has different beneficial properties, all herbal tea is good for houseplants. Chamomile tea has the added benefit of preventing damp off in young seedlings.
  2. Use as a hair rinse. Chamomile tea works great for blondes while black tea works good for darker hair.
  3. Use green tea for a facial cleanse. Green tea diminishes signs of aging, treats acne, reduces inflammation and even improves your skins natural sun protection. Full of antioxidants that fight free radicals green tea does your skin cells a wealth of good. Apply with a cotton ball or freeze leftover tea in your ice cube tray and then use the cubes on your face as a refreshing home spa treatment.
  4. Pour herbal teas into your bath. The many medicinal properties of herbal teas can be put to use in a warm bath. Simply pour into the water, climb in and steep yourself in a natural experience. Lavender and chamomile will help you relax while mint or lemon balm will energize. Experiment to find a favorite personal blend of bath tea.
  5. Freeze leftover herbal tea into ice cubes or plastic bags and add to soups or stews for a boost in both nutrition and flavor.
  6. Replace plain water with leftover herbal or green tea when cooking rice or quinoa.
  7. Use herbal tea ice cubes to reduce puffy eyes after a busy or restless night.
  8. Use herbal tea as a body wash in the shower.
  9. Keep a spray bottle of leftover green tea in the fridge for a refreshing body spritz on a hot summer day.
  10. Use for a natural dye. Experiment with different teas to add unique colors to cloth or paper.
  11. Pour leftover tea into the compost bucket. Not only will this help to add the needed moisture to your compost, but it will introduce  a dizzying dose of nutritive ingredients that your plants will appreciate.
  12. Add herbal tea to your mop bucket when washing your floors. Most herbal teas have properties that lend themselves well to natural cleaning and better yet they leave a lingering botanical all natural, all organic scent behind when you’re done!

1 thought on “A Dozen Uses for Leftover Tea!”

  1. I knew about using leftover tea for watering plants, but did not know any of the other tips, this was so helpful, thank you.

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