Garden Helpers

Ode to the Toad

A single toad can gobble down 10,000 bugs–including cutworms, grubs, gypsy moths, slugs and mosquitoes–in a single three month season. So if you spot a toad in your garden rejoice!

If you give it a lip smack it may not turn into a prince, but that’s a good thing. After all, how many princes are willing to go out in your garden to eat their weight in non-beneficial-to-the-garden bugs? Toads are far more useful.

To attract toads to your space simply provide cool, damp spots by using shade-loving lush-leafed plants such as hostas, lungwort, ferns or brunnera. Toad houses are sold at most garden centres and are also a smart addition to any organic garden. You can also easily make your own by using terracotta pots turned on their side.

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