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Onions Make You Sleepy

People tend to blame the turkey, but maybe it is the onion in the stuffing that is really making you yawn!

An amino acid present in onions known as L-tryptophan, serves as a natural sedative, quickly lowering your blood sugar and creating a sense of calm and sleepiness.

A valuable prebiotic (non-digestible carbohydrates that serve as a sort of fertilizer for beneficial gut bacteria) onions also contribute to a healthy digestive system, which in turn lowers the body’s stress levels, leading to better sleep patterns.

To benefit, onions are best consumed raw, in reasonable proportion, at least an hour before bedtime. Don’t overdo it though. Eating too much onion can lead to acid reflux or, conversely, an upset stomach, which is not conducive to a good night’s sleep at all.

Not only does eating a slice of raw onion help you during times of stress, it is a great way to keep people at a peaceful distance!

However, if the idea of biting into a raw onion before bed leaves you-or your partner-feeling less than enthused, you can always opt for a good old fashioned cup of chamomile tea instead.

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