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Why are bananas curved?

Hint. It’s not so they can kiss carrots while doing the tango.

Bananas start out growing straight towards the ground, but on their way to maturing they go through a process called negative geotropism.

This unique process causes the bananas to start turning upwards towards the sun overhead. This defiance of gravity midway through their growing cycle gives the banana its familiar curved shape.

But why such an effort to reach skyward?

Since bananas grow in large bunches, if they simply reached sideways towards the filtered light of the rainforest, the lopsided weight could cause the trees to topple over. By curving themselves skyward they ensure the banana tree is able to remain centred, balanced and firmly rooted.

1 thought on “Why are bananas curved?”

  1. This is a fantastic website! I love it!! And I’m not even a gardener. I have bookmarked it so that I can come back to it and get my never ending fill of my interest in trivia. The pictures, well written articles, whimsy, and layout of this website is the best I have ever seen 😊


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