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10 Plants Just For The Smell Of It.

There are many trees, vines, shrubs and flowers that will contribute to the scent-sation of your garden. Here are just 10 well worth considering.

1. Lilacs not only provide a show stopping display of purple, pink or white blooms every spring (depending on the variety) this classic perennial shrub fills the early summer air with dependable heavy perfume.

2. Evening scented stocks have an understated beauty and as their name suggests, do not give off much scent during the day. Come evening it’s a whole different story! The fragrant perfume of this annual fills the evening air making it a perfect choice for beds near evening sitting areas.

3. Roses vary in their scent-ability with some offering up heady hits of perfume while others have little to no scent at all. Be sure to carefully read the nursery tags to make sure the one you choose is as much fun to stop and smell as it is to look at.

4. Valerian offers up white airy blossoms that fill the garden with fragrance. The roots of this hardy perennial herb are used for its calming effects, but when dug up roots also have the unfortunate reputation of smelling like dirty socks. Because they do. Happily this does not apply to valerian’s luscious smelling blooms.

5. Sweet Alyssum smells as it good as it sounds. This low growing tender perennial is easily grown as an annual in colder climates. It makes a lovely ground cover with the added benefit of attracting pollinators. And it smells divine.

6. Sweet peas are another scented flower that has one of its greatest attributes right in its name. And for good reason. The scent is sweet indeed. While some of the flashier varieties have focussed on big blooms at the expense of scent, old fashioned heirlooms are still easy to come by and well worth planting for their perfume. And they look beautiful too. While there are perennial varieties most sweet peas are planted as annuals.

7. Phlox comes in a rainbow of candy colours and is a hardy perennial down to zone 3. It is a much loved staple for providing fragrance to the cottage garden.

8. Dianthus includes a wide variety of family members all known for their intoxicating sweet-spicy scent which is often likened to cloves, vanilla and cinnamon. Depending on the variety, dianthus can be grown as an annual, biennial or perennial.

9. Lily of the Valley is a heavily perfumed hardy perennial perfect for woodlands or shady corners of the garden. Its welcome fragrance is synonymous with the springtime garden.

10. Lavender can bring a swoon-worthy scent not only to your outdoor garden, but indoors all year long. Plant a pot up for the windowsill or use dried lavender for drawer sachets, bath salts, bath waters, soaps, potpourris and even teas.

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