Myth Buster, Trees

Tree Care Myth Busters

The Time to Prune Your Trees is Now.

And The Time to Poultice Where You’ve Pruned is Never.

Anyone who has talked to seasoned gardeners or cracked a how-to book on tree pruning has likely learned that one must prune trees while dormant to avoid all kinds of horrors. Furthermore, it is an excellent practice to cover the cuts with some sort of store bought salve.

Not true and also not true.

Pruning in the growing season might cause sap to run out of the cuts, but it won’t result in your tree “bleeding to death” or attract life sucking insects. It will just look a bit messy but will cause no harm.

Painting fresh cuts with special products or tar etc. to help the tree heal faster or to keep pests and water out is another oft perpetrated myth.

Again, no need!

Trees are more than capable of healing themselves naturally. In fact, painting over where you have pruned will do more harm than good. Salve products can cause the tree to retain moisture, which in turn damages tissue and slows the healing which (oh the irony!) allows disease and insects to gain entry.

The best time to prune your trees is when you see it needs to be done and you have the time to do it.

And the best thing to do after you have finished pruning is to walk away and indulge in a cup of tea or glass of wine and let nature do its thing.

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