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How Much Land Does a Gardener Need?

More! Is the answer most gardeners would likely give.

But how much land do you really need?

If your goal is simply to connect with plants the answer might be zero. A few potted houseplants could give you all the gardening time you need or an intensive indoor hydroponics system might provide a significant amount of produce for your household. Or perhaps a balcony will more than give you a green thumbs up.

A small urban yard can yield a surprising amount of herbs, greens and other produce, especially if you throw lots of containers and some square foot gardening into the mix.

For those dreaming of complete vegetarian self sufficiency, a quarter acre of land is a great place to start. That much land will more than fulfill the vegetable and most fruit needs of a family of four, with enough room left over for a couple hives of bees and a dozen chickens.

How big is a quarter of an acre?

10,890 square feet or just over 1011 square meters.

If your plot of land were a perfect square it would measure 104.35 feet (31.8 meters) on each side.

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