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Reading a Plant by its Color

While there are exceptions to every rule, a green rule of thumb is you can tell what growing conditions a plant wants, simply by noting their color.

Yellow blossoming plants thrive in sunshine while those with white flowers tolerate shade. Plants with silvery leaves like it hot and dry while those with colorful foliage such as hostas, brunnera and coleus appreciate shady, moist conditions.

2013-07-28 12.08.12.jpg

Hostas-like most plants with colorful foliage-generally thrive in the shade; especially if their leaves are fringed in white. Hostas with yellow edging will tolerate some sun.


Sunflowers, as both their name and color imply, love the sun.


Dusty miller
Like most plants or shrubs with silver foliage, Dusty Miller thrives in hot, dry conditions.

Ah, the colorful, creative, incredible world of plants!


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