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17 Foods that Resemble the Body Part that Needs Them!



1.     Avocados are the same shape as a womb and cervix. They even share the same gestation period as a human taking exactly nine months to go from blossom to full fruit. Eating just one avocado per week helps balance birth hormones, shed weight from pregnancy and prevent cervical cancer. Coincidence? Maybe not. Many people believe that berries, fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables are trying to tell us something, if we only look a little closer.


2.     The tips on a cluster of broccoli look just like a cluster of cancer cells. Broccoli has long been touted as a super food for its antioxidant capabilities. Studies have shown that consuming as little as one serving per week can reduce your chances of getting some types of cancer by as much as 45%


a sliced carrot

3.     Carrots are packed with Vitamin A; essential for healthy eyes. Slice a carrot into coins and they look just like an eyeball.



4.     The image above is a human foot. Lay a full bunch of celery, Bok Choy or rhubarb  next to it and the similarities are striking. All three provide natural sodium vital for bone strength.

Fruits and leaves figs Design card

5.     Figs are packed full of seeds, shaped like testicles and hang from the tree in pairs. You can see where I am headed. That’s right, figs have been proven to increase both the mobility and amount of sperm. If you’re trying to become a father, add figs to your diet. Hmmm…tight underwear is also a no-no when you are trying to produce viable sperm. Maybe a fig leaf would be a better choice!

the dangers of Smoking

6.     Grapes look remarkably similar to the alveoli clusters found in lungs. Our bodies use them to transport oxygen to our bloodstream. A diet high in grapes reduces the risk of both emphysema and lung cancer. Grape seeds contain proanthocyanidin; a chemical some studies have shown reduce asthma attacks caused by allergies.


Ginseng plant

7.     Look at a ginseng root and it doesn’t take much imagination to see a dancing human body. Perhaps children in times gone by dressed these roots up as dolls. Who knows? What we do know for sure is that ginseng has long been revered because of its holistic healing properties that serve us from head to toe.


Tree icon design

8.     Trees provide the very air we breathe. The pattern of our lungs appear identical to the structural shape of a tree.



9.     The use of ginger to treat stomach upsets dates back thousands of years. A ginger root looks very similar to a human stomach.


For you! Orange mit Zahnstocher

10.     Grapefruits, oranges and other citrus fruits are comparable to the mammary glands of breasts. Some studies have indicated that a diet high in citrus can reduce the chance of breast cancer by 10 to 30 percent.



The Functions of the Kidney

11.     Kidney beans get their moniker because they are shaped just like a kidney and yes, they do contribute to kidney health as well as being good for pretty much everything. A look at the chart above confirms just how much kidneys affect our overall health. Eat your kidney beans!


White mushroom isolated on white background

12.     Mushrooms contain large amounts of vitamin D which is essential for bone health including the three tiny bones in our ear that transmit sound to the brain. Slice a mushroom in half and it looks just like an ear. Lean closer. Maybe they’re trying to tell us something. Pssst…eat your mushrooms.


Olives with leaves on a white background.

13.     The average ovary is the size, shape and weight of a Greek olive. Diets rich in olive oil reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 30%. Another reason to choose olive oil instead of butter or margarine.


purple onions isolated

14. A sliced onion looks just like a human cell. Onions help clear waste out of our cells and even rid our bodies of toxins through the tears they cause us to shed.



15. Sweet potatoes are shaped like our pancreas and help keep it in good health. The potato of choice for diabetics, unlike its starchy namesake, sweet potatoes can actually help lower the glycemic index. Like all orange vegetables, sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene which protects all our tissues from cancer and aging, including those of the pancreas.



Red tomatoes fruits isolated on white

16.     When a tomato is cut in half it resembles a heart both in color and by the fact they both have four “chambers”. Tomatoes are fabulous food for cardiovascular health due to the lycopene they contain.



17.     Walnuts are hailed as the ultimate brain food with research showing they might even help with dementia by breaking down plaques associated with Alzheimer Disease. Walnut consumption contributes to the healthy development of over three dozen neuron transmitters which means brain cells can relay messages and function at full capacity.

Earth connected



As you work in your garden in can be fun to study berries, fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables and try to guess at what part of the anatomy they might be good for. Then do a bit of research to see if you are correct. It’s a great way to feel rooted to the earth as a whole. One thing is for certain…berries, fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables are essential for human health.






The planet Earth is truly a complex and miraculous place.

Apple earth

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