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Mystery Keeper Tomatoes

Mystery Keeper Tomatoes are an heirloom, open pollinated (meaning you can save the seeds and get more Mystery Keeper Tomatoes next year) type of tomato that ripen from the inside out.



Pick them in the fall when they are still green and you will be surprised to cut into one and find the inside already ripening to a deep pink. Gently wrap them in tissue paper (just like a Japanese orange) and store them in a box on your kitchen counter or on a shelf in your pantry. That’s it! The tomatoes will keep for at least three months with some people reporting that they are still eating fresh tomatoes from their counter top box at Easter.

Tomatoes in a wooden box isolated on white
Storage tomatoes can be kept loose in a box but will last longer individually wrapped in tissue paper

Harvesting just doesn’t get any easier than that.

You can get seeds for Mystery Keeper from several online sources. If you are in Canada they are available from Heritage Harvest Seeds

Another keeper tomato is available from friendly Prairie Garden Seeds run by Jim Ternier. The variety is called Clare’s Tomato because the seeds came from Jim’s Aunt Clare. They sound incredible and if you want a conversation tomato that no one has likely heard of before, this one is it. But be forewarned; if you stop by this site you will likely leave with more than just Clare’s Tomato. The varieties of tomatoes alone will leave you gobsmacked. And no, unfortunately I don’t get any compensation for saying that : ) I’m just a loyal customer.

hands planting tomato seedling
Growing your own tomatoes from seed allows you to experience varieties you won’t find in grocery stores or  even in most nurseries.

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