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Two Dozen Incredible Uses for Bamboo

Food, shelter, clothing, oxygen…the bamboo provides all the ingredients we need to meet both the basics and the luxuries of life. Here are 100 uses for the fastest growing plant on earth. Some you may have heard of, while others might surprise you.

  1. Bamboo Beer. Cited as “the beer with benefits” Bamboo Beer Limited is a Canadian Company with a lofty mission statement to go with its brew. Kyoto, Japan Bamboo Forest
  2. Bridges. In China there are bridges made out of bamboo that can withstand vehicle weights of up to 16 tonnes!
  3. Buildings. Over one billion people live in homes made out of bamboo. Seventy hectares or 173 acres of bamboo can provide enough material for 1000 homes.
  4. Charcoal. Used mostly as a fuel for drying and cooking tea, bamboo charcoal is also used by Burger King in Japan as an ingredient in their cheese for their promotional Kuro Pearl and Kuro Ninja Burgers.
  5. Clothing. Shirts, pants, socks, underwear and even diapers are all made with bamboo; a luxurious, lightweight, soft and renewable material.
  6. Coffee Filters. Bamboo coffee filters are now being made by big name brands such as Melitta and can be found in most grocery stores.
  7. Cutting Boards. Bamboo makes a safe and beautiful material for cutting boards that won’t dull blades as quickly as most types of wood.
  8. Deodorant. An all natural deodorant is derived from bamboo.

    Matcha green tea
    Making matcha green tea with bamboo bowls & utensils
  9. Dishes. Bowls, colanders, steamers, cups, cutlery and large spoons are all made from bamboo.
  10. Flooring. Bamboo makes beautiful flooring that is just as durable as hardwood, though more susceptible to water damage and scratches than laminate or tile.
  11. Food. In Japan bamboo shoots are known as “The King of Forest Vegetables” and have been used for human consumption for at least 2500 years. Rich in protein and low in natural sugars, bamboo shoots are loaded with antioxidants and help with digestion contributing naturally to healthy weight loss. Contemporary sofa bamboo seating area
  12. Furniture. Often dubbed as the plant that takes you from cradle to coffin due to its seemingly inexhaustible uses, bamboo can be used to actually make cradles and coffins as well as beds and dining sets, desks and end tables…well you get the picture. Bamboo lends itself to any and all furniture building possibilities.
  13. Electronic Bling. iPad and iPhone covers, keyboards, speakers, headphones, laptops and even your mouse are all available in bamboo.
  14. Musical Instruments. Prized for its melodious lightweight material, bamboo has been used to create drums, guitars, ukuleles and most commonly, flutes.
  15. Oxygen. Bamboo converts 35 percent more CO2 into oxygen than an equal sized grove of hardwood trees.
  16. Polo Balls. Stronger than wooden balls polo balls made from bamboo gained popularity during the 20th century, only to be displaced by plastic and fibreglass. Some participants of the sport still cite a preference for bamboo balls, saying they are easier for horses to keep pace with. The balls are carved out of the underground rhizomes from which the bamboo roots grow.
  17. Record Player Needles. Music aficionados are causing a vinyl comeback. Bamboo needles can still be used to bring your music to life.
  18. Roads.  Bamboo is sometimes used in road construction as an underlying reinforcement.  Image of spa therapy, on banana leaf background
  19. Sheets, Towels and Pillows. The softness and durability of bamboo will give your bedroom and bathroom that luxurious, soft, pampered spa vibe we all deserve.
  20. Sports Equipment. Bamboo is used in a huge variety of sporting equipment including baseball bats, bicycles, fishing rods, skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, ski poles and more.
  21. Steering Wheels. Used in the automotive industry as the covering on steering wheels.
  22. Toilet Paper. Soft, renewable and completely biodegradable, bamboo toilet paper is as easy on the environment as it is your bum.
  23. Toys. Environmentally conscious parents shun plastic and choose toys made from bamboo. There is a huge variety to choose from. Hape Toys is just one of many sources for bamboo toys for your toddler.
  24. Wind Turbine Blades. It just doesn’t get any greener than that!

Green bamboo nature backgrounds

Bamboo is fast growing, rapid spreading and doesn’t need to be replanted after harvesting. The plants will simply regrow from underground rhizomes reaching a harvestable size within two to five years. Its weedy nature can be something of a nightmare if planted in the wrong place, but if used intelligently it can be the dream material of a very green future.

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