Garden Formulas

What are Garden Zones in Farenheit?

Garden Zones are based on the minimum temperature at which a perennial, shrub or tree can survive.  Find out the lowest temperature your area experiences and then choose plants at or below that zone. The lower the number the hardier the plant and the colder the zone.

Zones are listed on plant labels.

The following shows what minimum temperatures equal what Zone number.

Zone 1     Below -50 F

Zone 2a    -50 to -45 F

Zone 2b    -45 to -40 F

Zone 3a     -40 to -35 F

Zone 3b     -35 to -30 F

Zone 4a     -30 to -25 F

Zone 4b     -25 to -20 F

Zone 5a     -20 to -15 F

Zone 5b     -15 to -10 F

Zone 6a     -10 to -5 F

Zone 6b     -5 to 0 F

Zone 7a     0 to 5 F

Zone 7b     5 to 10 F

Zone 8a     10 to 15 F

Zone 8b      15 to 20 F

Zone 9a     20 to 25 F

Zone 9b     25 to 30 F

Zone 10a    30 to 35 F

Zone 10b    35 to 40 F

Zone 11 – Above 40 F

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