How Many Peas in a Pod and Other Pea Facts

The average pea pod contains seven peas.

Fresh peas in the bowl

For every 3 meters (10 feet) of shelling green peas planted you should harvest at least .90 kilograms (2 pounds) of shelled peas or 591 ml (2 1/2 cups). Overall yield depends on the growing conditions, variety selected and how often you harvest.

To get the highest yield possible, be sure to pick peas every three to four days. Why? The purpose of a pea plant isn’t to feed you, it is to set seed to ensure its lineage carries on. Once a pod of peas has matured enough to be used as seed the plants purpose is fulfilled and it will die a peaceful death.  Keep picking the peas before they mature (and when they are the most tasty) and the plant will keep producing more peas for as long as possible.

growing peas

Ten Bonus Bits of Pea Trivia!

  1. In 1984 Janet Harris of Sussex, UK set a world record by eating 7,175 peas in one hour, picking them up one at time with chopsticks.
  2. Green peas are an underrated super food. They contain ridiculous amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. A recent study indicated daily consumption of green peas could lead to a decreased risk of stomach cancer.
  4. The green pea has been around for thousands of years, originating in Central Asia and the Middle East. It is thought to be one of the first food crops cultivated for human consumption with crops dating back to 7800 B.C.
  5. Less than five percent of peas grown commercially are consumed fresh. While they may not give you a great return on your garden space, they are worth planting just to have the experience of fresh peas. Its delectable taste sensation that fewer and fewer people experience.
  6. If you can’t eat them fresh, choose frozen instead. Frozen peas retain more flavour and nutrients than canned versions. But fresh is still best!
  7. Pea “tendrils” the small shoots that wrap themselves around the trellis or fence to support the vine, are perfectly edible and have a very pea-like delicious flavor.
  8. While most plants keep the nutrients they take from the soil peas give back as much as they take. Pea roots will fix nitrogen into the soil and leave it there for other plants.
  9. Hans Christian Anderson published “The Princess and The Pea” in 1835.  Anderson based it on a story he had heard in his childhood. It was not well received. Critics disliked its conversational style and found it lacking in any kind of useful morals.
  10. And finally, while we are on the subject of folklore and fairy tales, if a person finds nine peas in a pod the next eligible partner that comes along will be their husband or wife.

Blonde princess kissing the frog at night

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